We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.
- Aristotle


Some things should not be learned from experience!

Some topics are much to sensitive or complex to teach in real time, on the job. Just as professional athletes learn and hone their skills in practice and then apply them in the game, we offer our habit forming workshops for leaders so you can learn the skills of leadership in a safe environment before applying them in the workplace.

Instead of offering various topics in one long seminar we focus a single topic and offer hundreds of experiential exercises that progressively become more difficult. We also gather real problems you and your team face on the job and use them as examples during the workshop.

Our optional coaching allows you to decide the level of growth you want to achieve. You meet with your leadership coach once a week and complete a full program of leadership development.

Our offering is completely unique in that we allow you to build-your-own program. Each class is four hours long. You may select a single session or build your own one or two-day session or even a two-week program. We provide breakout sessions, plenary work, and special one-hour overview programs for your conference or association meetings.

Why are our programs so much shorter than our competition? Because we strip out the background theory and focus on changing behavior. We provide advanced reading recommendations where those who are interested can study the theory and then practice in class.

We don't learn on your dime, we have taught these programs around the country for several years. Each topic is taught by a professional, not a trainer. Call or email us now for more information.

Our courses are held at your offices with only your team. We have discovered that public classes cover too wide an audience to be completely effective. Before starting a class we survey your team to discover their strengths and focus the course on improving their capabilities, not covering the canned material.

Each four-hour session is only $1500 (up to 30 people) plus travel expenses if outside the Southern California area. Feel free to build your own full-day, three-day, or longer program. Ask about our discount programs for combined courses and non-profits.

Habit Forming Workshops for Legendary Leaders

Developing others to lead

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Situational Leadership

The role of the Situational Leader is to provide whatever it takes—goals, direction, training, support, feedback, and recognition—to develop employees' skills, motivation, and confidence to excel. The result is an organization where people feel more empowered, engaged, and open to new challenges.

Learning how to lead

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People do what they do for a reason, to feel good about themselves. Relationship Awareness gives organizations and individuals the tools they need to build more effective personal and professional relationships. It helps them to sustain those relationships through understanding the underlying motivational value systems of themselves and others - not just when things are going well, but also when they are managing conflict. It helps people to recognize that they can choose their behaviors to accommodate their underlying values, while also taking into account the values of others. It is a dynamic and powerful way of looking at human relationships that aids in building communication, trust, empathy, and effective, productive relationships.

Behavioral Science for the Leader

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Team Leadership & Launching the New Team

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Project Leadership

This program focuses on using the five points of power for influence. Project managers spend most of their time communicating, influencing, and dealing with conflict, not building plans. Learn how to influence others to reach a job well done. This workshop ties together facilitation, conflict management, motivational analysis, and communication to make the project manager truly effective.

Time Management

This is no ordinary time management workshop. Using David Allen's "Getting Things Done" approach coupled with Peter Drucker's work on Effective Executives, this workshop is more of a workout. We ask you to bring your inbox and calendar with you and teach you how to gain control using your real work load. You walk away with a customized approach that works for your life not the one that works for Covey's.

Conflict Management & Negotiation

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Leading Change

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Holding Effective Meetings

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7 Quality Management Tools

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Understanding Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM)

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