The new paradigm of developing project managers goes beyond the typical three day training program.
Project managers develop not in abstract training programs but through challenging experiences.


Do you want to improve your approach to doing projects but you don't have the time or the people to take three days away from the business for training? Have you tried training and it didn't help?

Why Project Teams Don't Apply What They Learn

I have been leading teams for almost 20 years and an educator for over eight years having trained thousands of people in leadership and project management. Over the years I have discovered that people that read books and take classes on leadership and project management do not use what they learn. They do not change their approach. Usually this is because they do not feel confident in the tools and techniques learned or their ability to use them without making mistakes that impact their career and business. Most find it too difficult to recall the specific behaviors when under pressure.

The Solution

The facilitated work session. Working with a coach your team is able to learn a little, practice a little, learn a little, and practice a little more. Instead of three days and good luck, it's a few hours and let's do it together on an actual project.

If you wanted to become a professional golfer you would not take a three-day course on golf and then join a tournament. It doesn't work in sports and doesn't work in business.

The Result

Project's are done better, faster, and cheaper while enhancing and working to people's strengths. Client's and executives no longer are concerned about increased risk and learning from mistakes. Project leaders can accept more complicated projects knowing they are never alone and there is always a lifeline to call upon.

How the service works

Instead of training you on leadership practices and project management, we partner with you and facilitate your team dynamics and actual project planning sessions. From start-up to closure we are with you. You get an experienced facilitator to lead your planning. Facilitation provides process leadership and brings out the best in you and your teams content expertise.

For the past 20 years we have been studying, researching, testing, and proving, what works and what doesn't while leading projects. We have created a full system you can plug into your business quickly, without risk, and improve your business.

Using our unique Leadership Accountability Performance Planner (LAPP) you will have a complete system of improvement. Based on Ken Blanchard's "Situational Leadership" model, this system allows you to describe and understand your current behavior and habits, identify your goal behavior, list habit forming steps, track your development level, and build in appropriate feedback sessions.

The LAPP provides leadership guidance for yourself and your team. Once you understand that leadership is a set of behaviors and not an indescribable "soft" skill your ability to lead is immediately enhanced.

We insist on proper Team Launch and provide a proven system to launch and build project teams. We help you create dynamic agenda's, create team norms, and establish better relationships using the Strength Deployment Inventory.

We provide you our Project Ball System, a comprehensive, yet simple, approach to project management that allows you to focus on leadership behaviors not paperwork. Included is all the templates, quality checklists, action steps, and tips to make execution easy.

Ask about our special system for leading distance teams.

Three ways to work with us

Option #1: Single Work Session.
This option involves presenting the entire project work session over several concurrent days. Participants will be provided with field assignments to be completed before attending the session. This is the most economical option. This option works well whether your team is co-located or working at a distance, on the same project or working several different project.

Option #2: One work session and a series of working lunches.
This option begins with a half or full day work session followed by weekly work sessions at regularly scheduled times. Some sessions will take 1-2 hours while others may take 3-4 hours. This option allows your team to perform work in the mornings and afternoons and receive direction and coaching at regular intervals. You still receive nearly unlimited support by email, fax, phone, and web conferencing. This option works well when your team is working on different projects.

Option #3: Working Sessions Paced to Match the Project.
This option works best when participants are involved in trying to set up and manage the same project or when they are working on a series of subprojects that fit together into a single larger project. This option begins with a half day introduction where participants will be given their field assignments. The next meeting is held when the team has completed the field assignments. Each work session is paced to the actual project.

No Limits Leadership Guarantees Tremendous Results! We stands behind our innovative and proven approach to project management and leadership training. Let us work with your company for 30 days. If you do not realize marked and lasting resolution to your problems, we will refund your ENTIRE FEE. Contact No Limits for further details.

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