The facilitated work session.

Working with a coach your team is able to learn a little, practice a little, learn a little, and practice a little more. Instead of three days and "good luck," it's a few hours and let's do it together on an actual project. Then let's meet and do it again, and again.

If you wanted to become a professional golfer you would not take a three-day course on golf and then join a tournament. It doesn't work in sports and doesn't work in business.

For effective performance you need to be taught the basics, practice the basics, and be coached on your actual performance. Training programs teach you the basics and then leaves it up to you to execute. Consultants do it for you and then leave it up to you to duplicate. Coaching offers the greatest behavior change but takes too long by itself. To succeed requires all three elements.

Our facilitated work sessions train you on the basics, then has you perform them on your actual projects while providing feedback. Last of all, we provide weekly (or more often) coaching sessions offering you real-time feedback on your performance.

When you work with us you will receive a pre-session packet that prepares you, your team, and your project, for our unique approach. We examine your reward structure to ensure it is aligned with the new, required, behaviors. Then we meet with your team and facilitate actual project performance.